Superior Quality and Customer Service

DFS Inspections offers true third party inspection services. Our sole focus is to provide accurate, complete and unbiased inspection of the customers' equipment regardless of the manufacturer. We believe our customers deserve a service focused solely on the condition of their equipment and not trying to sell them additional parts. Learn More



DFS Inspections, LLC provides non-destructive testing (NDT) of high pressure flow line components for oil and gas well service companies. Including visual inspection, hydrostatic pressure testing and magnetic particle inspection of:

  • swivel joints
  • plug valves
  • straight joints
  • check valves
  • lateral connectors
  • tee connectors
  • adapters


In addition to inspection services the company also provides rebuild services. Rebuild services include the replacement of all retainer rings and seal rings. We also replace the following OEM parts as needed or requested by the customer:

  • swivel kits
  • plug valve kits
  • check valve kits
  • pressure relief valve kits


Safety Policy

It is the policy of this company to provide and maintain a safe place to work. We will not compromise accident and injury prevention for profit or production.

Quality Policy

Quality inspection is our business. It is our policy to provide accurate, complete and unbiased inspections in a timely manner to ensure our customer knows the conditions of their flow line assets.